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Brutalism & Basseht

ab 23:00Freitag, 10. November @ 23:00 - 7:00

Line-Up: Lee Ann Roberts, Bakala Disorder, Asora, Manus DJ & Luis GZ, Vivimo, Civic3mille


Brutalism X Basseht 2.0

The Basseht team is proud to announce their next upcoming event to you!

A very special guest who could not fit the philosophy of “Brutalism X Basseht” better is LEE ANN ROBERTS, a South African artist who continues to succeed around the world with her
label “NOW NOW”. Complementing her music does BAKALA DISORDER, the B2B between the creators of “Brutalism X Basseht” L.D.U. and Dimensional_Tryp. With their music, they capture the essence of the label sound and connect with the public as the masters of melodies and hard kicks.

To round up the main floor, Asora, the creator of the party “You are The Club” which is integrated into the Madrid scene, close the line up with his music power. However, the night has even more to offer! A second stage is created and in its heart the era of Hard Dance and Trance of the 1990s and 2000s which has marked so many of us. Impersonating this music do the two DJs who raised together playing in the 2000s in Spain, Manusdj (L.D.U.) and Luis GZ (Asora). They delight us by playing 3 and 4 decks non-stop melodies and bases, a style which has never been seen in Zurich before. Representing the new generation of Swiss Trance does VIVIMO and Civic3mille. Be prepared to float through the night with their music, an experience to remember! Be ready for melodies, hard kicks and an unforgettable night you wish not to end!


Freitag, 10. November
23:00 - 7:00


Space 2.0
Militärstrasse 84
Zürich, 8004 Schweiz
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