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Forcefield x YUKU

ab 21:00Freitag, 16. Februar @ 21:00 - 6:00

Line-Up: hannah_heartbreak, Sakura, Koyoti, oolongbru, Chewlie (live), Lisheva (live), Pastel Funeral (live), 50g Vanessa

Supported by Startstutz (Stadt Bern)

→ hannah_heartbreak (Bern)
→ Sakura (Nebula / Bern)
→ Koyoti (Kosmos Kollektiv / Bern)
← Genres: Experimental, Hard Techno, Live, Techno, Trance

Space Floor:
→ oolongbru (YUKU / Prague)
→ Chewlie (CRTTR, YUKU / Bern) live (CRTTR / Bern)
→ Lisheva live
→ Pastel Funeral live
→ 50g Vanessa (Luzern)
← Genres: Bass Music, Future-Pop, Hybrid, Hyperpop, Konzert, Live

Doors: 21:00
Show: 21:30

Forcefield Records and YUKU present an epic Double Release Event Kpitel Bollwerk & in Bern, showcasing the new Releases of Chewlie and Lisheva. Embedded in a diverse line-up of DJs – live and hybrid acts – the two artists are performing their new music for the first time live.

Lisheva – Cygnus Moriens
When swans die, they are said to sing as they pass on. In this dramatic act they let the world know that they will lose their form through an embodied melody.
These songs play into as well as against the swan’s melancholy and softness, in the act of overcoming yet embracing it. This work is about refinding lost parts of oneself, deconstructing ideas of love, friendship and identity shaped by gendered socialization, healing old wounds, and about the embrace of the child within.

Chewlie – Transforming Matter
We breath in oxygen, transform it into carbon dioxide and breath out. one simple witness of transforming matter. With this album I became aware of this inevitable movement and my deeply rooted need to live that. So I could not restrict myself any longer not to surrender to it, to the creative flow.

Pastelfuneral is a pillar in the swiss underground scene. His unique, emotionally charged fusion of witchhouse, rap and different styles of electronic music has touched the hearts and souls of people all around the globe.
hannah_heartbreak invites the dancefloor into a sonic world of deconstructed and distorted rhythms and reverberating textures.

50G Vanessa straight out of Lucerne will take u on a versatile ride of bassy breaks & glitches

Olongbru, 1/2 of Yuku, will have his very first performance in Kapitel and will probably not deprive you of the fiesty yuku treats!

Sakura will provide u with rather hard & heavy dance floor shakers. She plays techno sucré that seeks for a hard vibe, gliding through different styles. Her genrefluid mixes are characterized by an emotional, sometimes sad feel that may turn into an euphoric fly.

Koyoti is going to surprise us with a drifty hypnotic experience.

We are very excited too welcome you to this utterly special night!


Freitag, 16. Februar
21:00 - 6:00


Bollwerk 41
Bern, 3001 Schweiz
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