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Harder – The Return

ab 23:003. Juli 2020 @ 23:00 - 7:00

Line-Up: Bunny, Gean, Jacom, Pelin Vedis

The Canton of Zurich now requires EVERY attendee to:

✅bring an official id document to the party
✅bring a functioning phone so we can check whether the supplied phone number is correct
✅to have installed the swiss corona tracing app OR wear a face mask at all times when in the club

As it isn’t always possible to wear a mask at the club, we kindly ask for your cooperation to have the app installed, so we can check the app id when you arrive.

Please tell your friends who are coming about the imposed regulations because without an official id and a phone, and either the Covid App or constantly wearing a mask, we will not be allowed to let you enter the club.

Make sure you will take steps 1-3, and please tell all your friends who are coming about the necessary steps.
After a few months of enforced break, HARDER is back and we’re very excited to see you again VERY soon. We hope everyone has been well and safe in these unusual times.

××× Corona Measurements: We ask you to refrain from attending the event if you’re feeling sick. The minimum distance rule cannot be enforced at this event, so we recommend wearing a hygiene mask during the event. Close contact with unknown persons creates a risk of becoming infected with COVID-19.

× The registration of your contact details is used for tracing in the event of closer contact with a person who poses a COVID-19 infection risk. If necessary, these details will be sent to the health authorities. You must take into consideration that attending this event might cause a 14-day quarantine. Further information on COVID-19 can be obtained from:

× Please note given the current situation that there will be NO XXX room. It just doesn’t feel right offering it and we hope you understand.

× Tickets on the door will be very limited.

× To speed up the entry into the club significantly, you will be asked to supply the contact details for EVERY person when you buy your online ticket.

× Ticketholders from the last event who haven’t asked for a refund will be emailed and asked whether they are going to attend on Friday 3 July.

× If you buy a personalised ticket and can’t make it after all, you can sell it on to someone else. Please send an email to to notify us of the new contact details.



Bunny [ Harder]


Jacom [ADROIT]

Pelin Vedis [ Harder ]


× HARDER is an all-inclusive queer party for everyone focusing on high energy, fast-paced and driving techno. Whatever your gender, whatever your sexuality and whatever your kink, let’s come together to share our love for this music. Because music knows no boundaries. ❤

× DRESS CODE: Sporty/Silly/Sexy/Crazy/Kinky.

× In Berlin, where the idea for this party was born, girls, boys, twinks, bears, dominatrices, lesbians, straights, bi’s, trans, genderfluids, whether young or old, all dance together. Come with an open mind and we’ll take care of the rest!

× Any kind of -ISM or -PHOBIA will not be tolerated. If you have a negative experience with anyone, please contact someone from the club immediately. NO is NO and consent is sexy.

× 📸NO photos. NO videos. 📸
Let’s enjoy each other, the moment and the music.

Pelin & Bunny

P.S. – Please note that HARDER in Zurich and HRDR in Basel are two different parties by two different teams. After going separate ways over different disagreements (particularly over the music), the local Swiss team went on to choose, slightly confusingly, HRDR.

HARDER in Zurich is Bunny’s party with high energy, fast-paced and driving techno.

Obviously having more queer parties in Switzerland is a good thing, so we can’t wait to dance with you in Zurich!



Wir bitten dich von einem Besuch der Veranstaltung abzusehen, wenn du dich krank fühlst. Bei dieser Veranstaltung kann die gültige Distanzregel nicht umgesetzt werden, da ein kostendeckender Betrieb des EXIL mit einer Abstand konformen Belegung nicht möglich ist. Wir empfehlen, während der Veranstaltung eine Hygienemaske zu tragen. Durch enge Kontakte mit unbekannten Personen besteht ein Risiko, sich mit COVID-19 anzustecken. Die Aufnahme der Kontaktdaten dient der Rückverfolgung, falls es zu einem engeren Kontakt mit einer Person kam, von welcher ein COVID-19 Ansteckungsrisiko ausgeht. Sie werden bei Bedarf der zuständigen Gesundheitsbehörde übermittelt. Du musst damit rechnen, dass eine 14-tägige Quarantäne verfügt wird. Offensichtlich alkoholisierten Gästen wird der Zutritt zur Veranstaltung verweigert. Weitere Auskünfte zu COVID-19 erteilt:

Jeder Gast ist verpflichtet, Vorname, Nachname, eine gültige Telefonnummer, sowie den Wohnort (PLZ) anzugeben. Diese Daten werden direkt über den Vorverkauf ermittelt. Auch bei Ticketkäufen an der Abendkasse wird der Einlass nur nach Angabe dieser Informationen gewährt. Gäste die nicht bereits sind, diese Informationen bereitzustellen, werden abgewiesen.

Deine Daten werden nach 14 Tagen gelöscht und können nur bei einem Ansteckungsverdachtsfall durch den kantonsärztlichen Dienst angefordert werden. Das Auskunftsrecht kann beim Patentinhaber geltend gemacht werden.


3. Juli 2020
23:00 - 7:00


Hardstrasse 245
Zürich, 8005 Schweiz
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