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ab 23:00Samstag, 2. März @ 23:00 - 6:00

Line-Up: Anthony Middleton, Mimi Love, Olivan & Sascha Stohler, Dani Posada


Embark on an ethereal journey through the cosmos as LUNAR Events returns to the Viertel_Klub for an extraordinary night of the finest electronic music. Join us for the latest edition as we once again traverse the four enchanting phases of the moon with a stellar lineup that will ignite your auditory senses.

Line up:
🌕Anthony Middleton (Audiofly)
🌗 Mimi Love (Kater Blau)
🌘 Olivan b2b Sascha Stohler
🌑 Dani Posada

🌕Anthony Middleton (Audiofly)
Formerly one half of Audiofly, Anthony Middleton has revolutionized electronic music with pioneering soundscapes. His deep passion and exceptional talent for evoking emotion are pushing the boundaries of the genre worldwide.

🌗 Mimi Love (Berlin, DE)
Mimi Love, representing Berlin’s dynamic music scene. As a resident DJ at Kater Blau, Mimi is renowned for her ability to seamlessly weave together emotive narratives with her hypnotic soundscapes. Each track she selects is carefully curated to elicit a spectrum of emotions from her audience.

🌑Dani Posada (ZH)
With a musical journey that spans experiences and genres, Dani Posada seamlessly adds his sonic magic to our LUNAR lineup. Get ready for a night where the Zurich native’s rhythmic vibes meet the celestial beats and create an atmosphere of unparalleled harmony.

🌘Sascha Stohler (BS)
Basel’s rhythmic maestro, Sascha Stohler, is set to enchant the LUNAR Night with his signature beats. Brace yourself for a cosmic dance as Sascha weaves a sonic tapestry, seamlessly blending Basel’s energy with the celestial ambiance.

🌘 Olivan (LUNAR Creator, BS)
One of the visionary forces behind LUNAR Events, Olivan, takes the reins to curate an otherworldly journey. Brace yourself for an immersive experience that mirrors the very essence of LUNAR.

Hold on to your cosmic vibes! There’s a chance we might surprise you with an extended line-up on Jupiter’s moon Callisto (Dancing). Stay tuned, we will decide that at short notice.


Samstag, 2. März
23:00 - 6:00


Viertel _Klub
Münchensteinerstrasse 81
Basel, 4052 Schweiz
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