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ab 21:00Samstag, 23. März @ 21:00 - 6:00

Line-Up: Vellyn & Ursobjektiv, Planet Caravan, Lazy Hazy, Zharte Rakäthe, Ghost of Her, Dualism


Once upon a time, there was a little bar in space outside of the jurisdiction of the large intergalactic nations on a small left behind planet. The somehow strange looking place is regularly visited by outlaws passing by in their spaceships and coming from many different places all around the universe to trade their limited goods for other things, exchange the latest news or experience shared moments. The bar is filled with laughter and conversations between those beings, a few of them barely capable of communicating with each other due to their intoxicated states. What unites them all together is a harmonic vibration carried by soundwaves emerging from speakers positioned in a slightly darker looking side room. A wonderful atmosphere is built up, pumped by the mutual movement of the various shapes and forms of biological masses accumulated in a gathering full of love, connectedness and diversity.

We are beyond excited to invite you to join our gathering under the name Planetary Alliance for Collective Enlightenment (PACE) on the 23rd March 2024 in Provitreff (ZH). We invite you to join us starting from 9 PM to a small interactive play or from 10 PM with the start of the music in the PACE bar into the higher atmospheres. From this moment on we will start our flight through cosmic spaces powered by dancey vibrations all the way until the early morning hours, where a soft musical landing awaits you to transition your tired bodies from the energies of the night into a warm and relaxed space.

Our line-up features many of our most beloved local souls but also have some well-known visitors from far away, some of you may have encountered at our previous event already:

Vellyn & Ursobjektiv (Kollektiv Equilibria, ZH)
Planet Caravan (Easy Tiger, Jena)
Lazy Hazy (Stübli / SmoSo / Hugrecords)
Zharte Rakäthe (Beyond Kollektiv, Berlin)
Ghost of Her
Dualism (, ZH)

This is a non-profit event and all profits will be donated to Solinetz Zürich, a local charity concerned with improving the daily lives of refugees in and around Zurich. The lowest ticket price is set at 15,- CHF so that we can ensure that everyone can afford joining the journey no matter their financial situation. If you feel like selecting a higher price, the difference will be donated!

There is a limit to the capacity of beings that we are allowed to share this evening with, however, feel free to share the event with friends that would fit this concept. We will not accept any kind of discrimination. No matter if it is based on your randomly assigned biological gender or which you chose to identify as; the sexual orientation you live by or die for; your perceived status in this society; or the species that you are. We are all special snowflakes. While our existence is equally unimportant for this universe, we are important for each other and shall treat each other with respect and love to not disturb the harmony of the moment.

image credit to: @bougie_pigeon and @sundog_rcrds


Samstag, 23. März
21:00 - 6:00


Sihlquai 240
Zürich, 8005 Schweiz
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