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Post-Apocalyptic Oasis

ab 18:00Samstag, 17. Februar @ 18:00 - 6:00

Line-Up: Dymos & Shizzo & Jay Fase, Hampl & Syost (live hybrid), Kyle Linco & Pi:Ro, Nexus, Solee


Brought to you by Odys, Sens:es, and Finest Auer

✨ Introduction

Step into the Post-Apocalyptic Oasis—a sensorial extravaganza set in the heart of a reborn metropolis. This is not just an event; it’s an odyssey. As night falls on the 17th of February, the Kraftwerk in Zurich transforms into a neon-lit domain where industrial beats and the untamed spirit of a world reclaimed by nature await.

📅 Date: February 17th

⏰ Time: Starts at 18:00

📍 Location: Kraftwerk, Zurich

🎉 About Odys
Odys represents the pinnacle of exclusivity and creativity. With a rich heritage rooted in Geneva, we are the architects of unique experiences. We don’t just host events; we create memories that last a lifetime, fostering connections in a community built on respect, curiosity, and love. This event is the inaugural event by Odys in Zurich and marks the beginning of a journey towards numerous exclusive events.

🍃 About Sens:es
SENS:ES goes beyond being just another event series. It takes you on a journey through multi-sensorial and immersive experiences, cognitions, feelings and perceptions that are based on sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and immersion. These are the pillars that form the foundation for the SENS:ES movement. SENS:ES is a cultural association, with a mission to promote art, music and cultural diversity, and contribute to charitable causes.

🪩 About Finest Auer

Finest Auer – it’s a family thing. Born from a tight circle of friends, Finest Auer has organically evolved into a vibrant collective that transcends the boundaries of a typical party scene and is well renowned in Zurich’s nightlife for organising high-quality and intimate parties. Finest Auer’s events are more than just music and dancing – they’re a testament to the bond we share as a group of friends turned family.

⭐ VIP Experience

Elevate your night into an extraordinary adventure with our VIP tickets. Indulge in a realm of exclusivity and luxury, designed to enhance every sensation of the event. Experience the Post-Apocalyptic Oasis with unparalleled comfort and style.

🔐 Exclusive Access: Step into the private VIP area, a sanctuary within the electric atmosphere.

🌌 Premier Viewing: Enjoy the best view of the crowd and artists from an elevated vantage point.

🍸 VIP-Only Bar: Savor the convenience of an exclusive bar right within the VIP area.

⏩ Skip the Queue: Breeze past the lines with priority access, ensuring your night is seamless and full of enjoyment.

🏭 Venue

Kraftwerk, a once-buzzing electricity plant, is now an emblem of innovation, serving as the stage for our Post-Apocalyptic Oasis. The energy of Zurich’s history and the vibrancy of its future will converge in this space for an unforgettable night.

🥷🏻 Dress Code

Adorn yourself in the essence of a future forged from the past. Dark, industrial tones and neon sparks. This night, be the futuristic rebel that echoes the spirit of our Oasis.

Embrace the renaissance of revelry at the Post-Apocalyptic Oasis.


Samstag, 17. Februar
18:00 - 6:00


Kraftwerk Zürich
Selnaustrasse 25
Zürich, 8001 Schweiz
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