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SECRET RAVE w/ Secret Headliner

ab 23:00Samstag, 30. Oktober @ 23:00 - 7:00

Line-Up: Secret Headliner(?), Franky Fiction, Jacksklusiv, Pash, St3ez, Eloy, Oio

Dear Raver. We’ve been watching you for a long time… Yes, we know you and the appearance of you makes us want to fall back into old behavior patterns. We won’t be able to control ourself much longer. We are Secret Rave. The Secret Rave does not choose his material, but the material chooses him. It is not our fault that we write our works with blood and compose our music with screams. Our muse (the Secret Headliner) has a will of its own!

Like all great Events, we are so ahead of our time that we are misunderstood. But we know: YOU, YOU understand us. And YOU understand the role you have to play to complete the work of art. You have the right… willingness to make sacrifices.
So find yourself at our homebase @kinkerbasel on October 30st and get ready for a night in which all the colors of darkness will shine. Dress yourself splendidly, dear raver! Your silence will be music to our ears.

General Information:
Dress up or put on some scary make-up on for this unique halloween event. Everyone who dresses up or put on some scary make-up for this Secret Rave will receive a special gift from us at the entrance, which can be used that evening.
Due to the time change on the night of October 30th to October 31st, we can celebrate one hour longer together. So be prepared for an even longer night at the Kinker Club Basel.

Franky Fiction (Absolute Techno)
Jacksklusiv (Secret Rave)
Pash (576 Ravers)


Samstag, 30. Oktober
23:00 - 7:00


Barcelona-Strasse 4
Münchenstein, 4142 Schweiz
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