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ab 22:00Freitag, 1. September @ 22:00 - 4:00

Line-Up: Dasha, Hausvrau, LUKA, Pol Abdul

TANZEN6000 is a new place for music and movement in town. We bring people together, during the night shift, around the music. TANZEN6000 is a dance positive party empowering the unity in the community. We are the place of diversity on any level, where you are welcome.

Our events are inclusive. It’s about listening, dancing, sharing the dance-floor while being aware of each other’s personal space, respecting each other and embracing the individual ways of expression. It’s a place where we exchange as artists and as dancers, unite, interact and experience. We are establishing an open, fun, free, creative and safe universe. Our lineups are dynamic, diverse and colourful: we invite you to be curious! Trans-genre music for the fluid and diverse community.

Exclusion or harassment on any level is not an option.

For the artists, TANZEN6000 is a platform to share what they really love: that sound that truly moves them. Diversity on any level: for fresh sounds or projects, for newcomer DJs / for your first gig, for established and known DJs, for persons who identify themselves as BIPOC, LGBTIQA+, persons of minorities, persons who might experience integration challenges and others. Humans for Humans. You want to play hits or afro-beat, breakbeat or tech-house, trance, disco or jersey club? You really love industrial techno? We are your spot, feel welcomed to share.

We don’t program the nights around the similar music style. We don’t build our lineup starting with a “beginner” and give the “prime time” to a “famous” DJ. Why to follow these constructs? This is over. We don’t give a single vibe. We are vibes. Appreciating the artists is very important for us. The opening act is as important as the headliner is important as the closing act: different timings and different styles, different moods and diverse intensity. This is simply music and we are here to dance and enjoy. Come early and explore different styles!

We are ready to launch something beautiful together.
We are ready to reinvent <3


Freitag, 1. September
22:00 - 4:00


Kurzgasse 4
Zürich, 8004 Schweiz
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