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15 Years Posh Isolation Records

ab 23:00Samstag, 27. Januar @ 23:00 - 7:00

Line-Up: Iron Sight (live), The Empire Line (live), Varg, Vanity Productions (live), Grégoire


Dive into the sonic landscapes of Posh Isolation, a Copenhagen-based project spotlighting Scandinavian talents in music, art, and design.
Explore the captivating realm of The Empire Line, a collaborative project led by Jonas Rönnberg (Varg), along with Christian Stadsgaard and Isak Hansen. This dynamic trio weaves together techno, punk, and noise into a mesmerizing live experience, collapsing traditions from various musical spheres. Their performances create a powerful and elemental force, pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration. VARG, alias for Rönnberg, conjures techno sorcery with a touch of barely-controlled chaos.

Iron Sight’s dystopian soundscape, fueled by Isak Hansen, blends sci-fi futurism with biblical undertones. Vanity Productions by Christian Stadsgaard paints modern-day melancholia through innovative noise exploration and electronic experimentation.

Grégoire fits perfectly into this night – full of raw sounds, new soundscapes and experimentation. Delighted to have him with us.


Frankfurt Strasse 36
Basel, 4053 Schweiz
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