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Tilt #2

ab 23:00Samstag, 29. Oktober @ 23:00 - 8:00

Line-Up: Formant, Quelza, Reka Zalan, Ina Valeska, Ashwini, reAktiv

Formant 2300-0200
Quelza 0200-0500
Reka Zalan 0500-0800

Ina Valeska 0000-0300
Ashwini 0300-0600


Quelza (real name Léo Naït Aïssa), was born at the end of the 90s in the Parisian suburbs.
Lulled in the arts since his childhood, his connection with music is made at an early age. But it’s in 2013 that he made his first encounter with the Parisian electronic scene which inspired him to start producing his own tracks.

Quelza is assiduous when it comes to his music – his releases on labels like Mord Records, Palinoia, 47, Hayes Collective and others, push an unorthodox crystal clarity and cinematic sound design that has become his signature as an artist – which, combined with his unique DJ sets, has earned him a spot at some of the most prestigious clubs in Berlin (where he is currently based) and abroad, such as: Berghain, Tresor, Fabric London, Reaktor, KHIDI and several more.

Quelza, counts as one of the most satisfyingly mature young guns to emerge out the new wave of techno artists that’s been unfurling in recent times, with an exquisitely panoramic view into his mental multiverse. Championing layered techno wares laced with a breaksy, IDM-informed touch that packs a punch, the Frenchman keeps on carving out a truly distinctive, shape-shifting signature, switching scopes and angles as he ups the rhythmic pressure with every next sequence.

Reka Zalan
Reka Zalan is a Berlin-based Techno DJ and promoter, co-hosting the ://elements series at ://about blank, where she’s resident and part of the booking team. Her activities in the local music and club culture scene also include working at Hard Wax, one of Berlin’s essential record store addresses. Reka’s sound is a palpable blend of cosmic and driving Techno, combining deep, gloomy vibes and trippy elements as well as percussion-heavy, groovy and tooly facets. Besides her passion for Techno realms, she loves various forms of (UK) Bass music, Electro (Wave) or experimental beatless soundscapes. She also plays under the moniker No Life Signal, a B2B duo with ://elements colleague and DJ fellow THNTS.

Formant is an aspiring DJ and producer from Zurich who has been involved with Zentralwäscherei since its opening and is now based in Berlin. His style can be described as forward thinking, hypnotic and his sets often consist of a mixture of new and old music with the aim of getting the best out of both worlds.

Ina Valeska
Ina Valeska is known for her diverse selection. She has made herself a name with mixes strongly influenced by bass music – always showing a solid sense for color and atmosphere. Ina delivers club nights driven by acid and breaks just as well as drifty ambient scapes composed to keep listeners in a shivery grey zone between comfort and the unknown. Next to beeing a ‘töchter*’ collective and ‘terrain’ member she is also a booker at radio bollwerk.

large-scale sound-reactive installation.
out of the creative melting pot called Zentralwäscherei reAktive; a union of engineers, architects and artists is born.
Unified through our love for rave culture we explore different ways to integrate sound into movement; Incorporating big room audio-reactive installations into party setups and beyond.


Samstag, 29. Oktober
23:00 - 8:00


Neue Hard 12
Zürich, 8005 Schweiz
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