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GAMUT FESTIVAL 2022 – Freitag

ab 19:30Freitag, 14. Oktober @ 19:30 - 4:00

Line-Up: Tobaatt, RAUSCH, WAT TAKLEAW, Ffion

We are so excited to announce that the sixth GAMUT FESTIVAL 2022 is happening after a 1 year break !!!

For this year’s edition, we are presenting a dynamic pool of acts combining a wild mixture of artistic activities.

We believe in a genre blending future 🙂


Tobaatt (CH)
doomdrone, Metal, Noise, Trombone, Fennel salad
Behind the moniker Tobaatt are Axel Kolb and Caterina De Nicola. A doomdrone, metal and noise infused project mixing an electronic and acoustic approach. Heavily processed and saturated vocals, looped and manipulated trombone, gated raw electronics and cracked instrumental recordings, all in the fennel salad.
Caterina de Nicola – electronics
Axel Kolb – Trombone & electronics

loud, poetry, heavy, raw, existential
RAUCH are a three piece Post-Punk & Noiserock band from Basel. Their sound was once described as “loud poetry”. The music is loud and repetitive, it tries to get under your skin. Loud and heavy drums and bass go along with a guitar thats always ready to burst into feedback and noise. RAUSCH deals with violence, the terror of having/being a body, paranoia and generally being alive in our oppressive world.
Moritz Lienhard – Guitar & Voice
Rahel Rikli – Drums
Quentin Garnier – Bass

experimental, noise, drone, bass, obscure vocals
WAT TAKLEAW is a second generation Asian Ftiq* duo based in Zurich.
Namila – Bass and vocals
Babyval – electronics

Ffion (UK)
Cosmic, Sensual, Healing, Grounding, Ritual
Ffion is a multidisciplinary artist and Associate Director of House Of Absolute. Born and raised in Wales, Ffion is Welsh speaking, non binary gender fluid with mixed heritage.
They are a movement practitioner and director within the disciplines of Contemporary, Hip hop, Krump, indigenous femininity and deity embodiment, holistic therapy, ritual and martial arts. Ffion is a music & film producer & composer, with digital & live works in experimental art and exhibitionism. Their work explores humanitarian politics, human psychology and spirituality, within the context of race, gender, culture, identity, voice, text & visual art.

Conceptual Films
Spiritual, conceptual, dance, storytelling, orisha

GHOST – Titilayo Adebayo (CH/UK)
Titilayo Adebayo is a non-binary movement researcher and creative of Nigerian decent.
Titilayo is constantly in flux with emergence. Emerging from where? Emerging towards what? Who knows? (Does it matter?) They aim to bring a holistic approach to creating and experiencing performance. Their practice lies in these principles.

EGUN – DemiGosh (UK)
ADE is a director and creative director under the name omo craft, co-founder and director at sons of craft and an artist under the name DemiGosh.
Ade began directing and making music 7 years ago when he moved to London. Starting off with self-directs and creative direction for his band and solo work whilst slowly and carefully crafting narrative and creative direction style.
EGUN is his first conceptual self-direct short, ADE hopes to create more conceptual shorts and coin a name for himself as a director with a unique approach to literary and visual storytelling.
@demig0sh –


Freitag, 14. Oktober
19:30 - 4:00


Neue Hard 12
Zürich, 8005 Schweiz
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