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ab 22:00Freitag, 29. Oktober @ 22:00 - 7:00

Line-Up: Audino, Audrey Danza, Neu Verboten, Sentiment

Bekannte Gesichter begrüssen.
Zwei, drei Mal durch die Getränkekarte tanzen.
Im Morgengrauen nach Hause wackeln.
Ein extra ordinärer Abend im Kauz halt.

(´。` )

C O V I D 19 – R U L E S
According to the regulations by the Swiss government (in effect since the the 26th of June, 2021) entry to this event is restricted.
Entering is only possible with a valid certificate and a proof of identity.
To obtain such a certificate you need to be either vaccinated, tested or have recovered from COVID-19 in the past. Tests need to be be performed officially at a testing site, hospital or pharmacy, which hand out certificates with QR-code.
Certificates will be handed out if:
➤ You tested negative for COVID-19 (PCR = 72 hours valid, Rapid-Antigen Test = 48 hours valid).
➤ You have been vaccinated twice (you will get the certificate after your second/final dose).
➤ You have recovered from a COVID-19 infection in the past (needs to be confirmed by a doctor).
After obtaining a valid certificate please:
・Upload the certificate onto your device, so you are able to produce a valid electronic certificate upon entry.
・Bring said certificate and a proof of identity with you to the event.
・Wear a mask until the certificate is controlled by our staff.
➤ Additional rules starting from the 13.9.21:
As a guest you are obligated to provide your correct contact information (name, surname, phone number, e-mail, PLZ/ZIP). This information facilitate proper contact tracing.
In the case of a potential risk of an infection with COVID-19, unvaccinated (and non-recovered) guests have to expect to be put in quarantine.
The data will be deleted 14 days after collection and will only be used in connection with a possible contact tracing.
For further inquiries feel free to contact:
Thank you all in advance for following the rules. ❤︎


Freitag, 29. Oktober
22:00 - 7:00


Ausstellungsstrasse 21
Zürich, 8005 Schweiz
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